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Complete set of services for 3D printing & prototyping

3D Print & Rapid Prototyping
3D Scanning and CAD design

3D design and mold design of technical parts, 3D sculpting and Jewelry design, and 3D scanning in high resolution.

3D Print & Rapid Prototyping
3D printing
& Rapid prototyping

3D printing and Rapid manufacturing using 7 state‑of‑the‑art prototyping technologies.

3D Print & Rapid Prototyping
Výroba malých a středních sérií

Production of small to middle series of high quality prototypes or final products in 5 different materials and various colors.

3D Print & Rapid Prototyping
Spare parts, service & maintenance

Spare parts, maintenance, service and upgrades for your industrial or professional 3D Printers, often for a fraction of OEM price.

Part2Print has operated in Rapid Prototyping since 2005. The prototypes are delivered with attention to details. We can produce functional and fine finished prototypes based on your CAD data or just drawings/photos. Currently holding 15 industrial 3D printers in-house. We know our machines and technologies in details and we support other 3D printing providers with service and spare parts.

Specific solutions for different needs

Since we use 7 different RP technologies, we deliver prototypes from 1mm to 1m of size with the highest resolution and surface quality available.

Haven't found your field? Contact Part2Print Support. 3D printing has universal applications.

Industrial production

We deliver fine-finished parts, device enclosures, clear parts, rubber parts, lightpipes etc. for your industrial designs – whether it’s for R&D, display, or final-product use. We often deliver master prototypes with perfect surface, which serves for moulding and delivering copies from advanced materials. We can 3D scan your devices and use it for creating enclosures around them. We also can print parts that will directly be used in your products


Since automotive/train/airplane industries require precision, the chosen 3D printing technology needs to be carefully chosen. We often print prototypes of clear headlight parts or assemblies and interior design parts. We deliver a precise parts printed with Multi-jet printers but also the high resolution and intricate wax parts subsequently cast into aluminum or steel. We can also hand finish the surface and coat or color parts like control panels and user interfaces.


We 3D print, design, and 3D scan for most scale modelers in our region. There is nothing that surprises us. We can even deliver finest looking small scale parts and figurines that are better priced when 3D printed then silicon casted. In the highest resolution of 18 microns, you won’t see any layers or lines.

Dental & Medical

3D prints from CT scanned data and intraoral scans. We can also 3D scan existing moulds for prothetics fitting. Dental liners or custom liner locks. Custom-made steel medical tools. Biocompatible prints are also available!

Art & Fashion

Whether it’s a “look better than real“ item for advertising purposes or the newest fashion item, we will deliver it. Wearable SLS parts. Bijou master pieces printing.

Research & Development

We can produce any tool or custom parts for your R&D needs. We accept many jobs with special instructions for a specific material needs, whether it’s to be electrically conductive or unusual physical properties.


Since 2005, we serve Jewellers with Solidscape wax prints. Now we can support any jewelry maker with high resolution wax models from Envisiontec castable wax prints or Projet CPX wax prints, as well as gold standard prints from Solidscape machines.


Complex of services

We create whatever you desire – from first design to real product.

1 Idea

You bring an idea supported by drawing or photos or parameters. We can create a sketched drawing of the final product. We will also advice Your options for the mass production.

Part2Print - 3D služby
Part2Print - 3D služby
Part2Print - 3D služby

2 Modelling

We design the CAD model based on your ideas or real templates. We can also retrofit or support with 3D scan. Customer talks directly to CAD designer to supply more details or request revisions. The results  are STL files for 3d printing and render of final design.

In case when printing design prototypes it’s often required to take a step back and modify 3D data.

3 Tisk

We 3D Print the model. We prefer printing a cheap design prototype which serves for fitting purposes or design evaluation. Based on this prototype we can edit or improve 3d model according to the needs of customer. Then we print a Master model in high resolution – You won’t see any layers!

Part2Print - 3D služby
Part2Print - 3D služby
Part2Print - 3D služby
Part2Print - 3D služby

4 Production

The master piece can be hand finished or polished or coated. From plastic 3D prints we can create a silicon molds or even injection casting molds. The wax prints are lost-wax (investment) casted from precious metals. We can even cast wax prints with precious stones fitted prior casting.

5 Service

If you want to 3D print in Your own production we can deliver the most capable machines and support with service, training and maintenance. We will be pleased to calculate the costs of a particular technology for you to decide if owning the equipment is better then ordering 3D prints. We can also help with choosing the best printing technology.

Part2Print - Precizní 3D tisk & Rapid Prototyping
Your data and designs are always secure! With upload of data we are binded by strict NDA conditions as a part of our general business conditions. The data will stay only on our servers and for limited time.
Part2Print worldwide

Worldwide delivery

We are not limited by any borders, we deliver globally. Some of our technologies and services are rare on any market. The ease of international orders has been proven many times by our customers from US, Japan, Korea, Australia and South Africa.

14 years of successful cooperation with clients
around the world

"We have been cooperating with Part2Print for a long time. In 2018, we bought a 3D printer from Part2Print, which we print on, and Part2Print provides us with service and support."
Vladimír Šulc
"We use Part2Print to print prototypes and basic parts for casting resin. They deliver the best quality on the market."
Aan Herbert
"Peter and his team delivered sample assembled prototypes with high surface quality more than suitable for the production of final products. All this in a very short time. The quality of their work was much higher than the prototypes previously supplied to us by US companies."
Rosa Mei
Owner of Funkybots

Revolutionize the way you use 3D technology today.

With top notch technologies and our teams of proffesionals, we can help with every part of your process. High quality 3D printing and rapid prototyping has never been easier.


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