Tentative service pricelist

Price list valid for regular service and 3D modeling, unless otherwise agreed. We reserve the right to change the price if we report it before the action. Service stops are charged individually or according to tables of nationally valid compensation for the use of a private vehicle plus a standstill time of 200 CZK / h.

Service Price List

Služby Ceny
Service of 3D Printers Solidscape 950 Kč / 1h
Service of 3D Printers 3D Systems Projet 1200 Kč / 1h
Service of 3D Printers Stratasys FDM 950 Kč / 1h
Service of 3D Printers Stratasys Objet 1200 Kč / 1h
Service of 3D Printers Envisiontec 1100 Kč / 1h
Service and Diagnostics over the phone / Skype / Whatsapp 300 Kč / 15 min
Printhead Service Fixed price according to printhead type (contact us for details)
3D printing and production consulting 800 Kč / 1h

CAD design pricelist

Služby Ceny
CAD design 500 Kč / 1h
Support 3D models for 3D printing from 100 Kč to 500 Kč / 1 model (according to the size and complexity of the model shape)
3D scanning + postprocessing of scanner data from 2000 Kč / 1 component
CAD design consulting

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