Terms and conditions

These Terms and conditions regulate the relation between the seller – Part2Print s.r.o. (hereinafter the seller) and the customer (hereinafter the buyer). The buyer is obliged to get acquainted with the Complaints Conditions and Terms and conditions before ordering any product.

The Seller

Part2Print s.r.o. with registered office at V Lipkách 775/1, 154 00 Praha – Slivenec, is a legal entity registered in business register at Municipal Court in Prague under section C 246782 as a business company engaged in the manufacture, installation and repair of electronic machinery and equipment.

CIN (IČ): 04392574

VAT IN (DIČ): CZ04392574

In case you select the tradesman as a supplier (for purchase excluding VAT), the Terms and Conditions remain the same, however the Seller becomes natural person running business according to the Trade Licensing Act non-registered at the Business register, Ing. Petr Šilhánek, CIN (IČ): 01196260.

The Buyer

The consumer provides all the information necessary to successfully carry out the order or other required information stated in the purchase contract.

The obligations between the seller and the buyer that are not stated here in Terms and conditions are regulated by Civil Code § 40/1964 and Commercial Code § 513/1991.

The intermediary – wholesaler will hand over to the seller documents related to his business (Commercial Register entry, business authorization, his VAT number) and is obliged to regularly update this data.

The individual contract with the buyer replaces the Terms and conditions.

The buyer is aware that by purchasing the products offered by the seller he/she does not have the right to use his/her or other companies’ registered trademarks, trade names, logos or patents unless provided for in a specific contract.

II. Confidentiality and protection of information

The seller declares that all personal data is confidential and will only be used in the contract with the seller and this data will not be published or passed on to a third party, except for data necessary for the delivery and payment of the ordered goods.

III. Opening hours

The e-shop is open 24/7, except for a few hours a month for maintenance.

IV. Price list

The prices stated on e-shop serve as permanent price list. The prices of the goods depend on the items sent by the buyer and the parameters selected when creating the order. The seller reserves the right to change the price of the goods at any time until delivery of the product, even after payment by the buyer. The buyer than has the right to reject the price change and withdraw from the contract. In case of withdrawal from the contract due to a price change, the seller shall fully refund the price paid by the buyer. The buyer is entitled to evaluate the price individually according to the nature of the order. Such evaluation shall happen via electronic communication.

V. Methods of payment

The purchase price and shipping costs can be paid in following ways:

  • To the seller’s bank account a) for VAT payers Raiffeisenbank a.s., n. 103010308/5500, IBAN: CZ9355000000000103010308, SWIFT/BIC: RZBCCZPP; b) VAT non-payers Raiffeisenbank a.s., č. 1196260/5500, IBAN:CZ6855000000000001196260, SWIFT/BIC: RZBCCZPP
  • By cashless payment by credit card via gateway GoPay,
  • Cash on delivery
  • PayPal
  • Invoice payable within 14 days of issue

The seller reserves the right to change the price according to the payment method chosen by the buyer. This change is subject to the above-mentioned surcharge: PayPal 4 %, cash on delivery 50,– CZK, GoPay 2 %, invoice 100,– CZK.

VI. Order processing

The order is placed in the e-shop and is processed automatically. The time to produce the ordered goods depends on the order parameters created by the buyer. This period is then binding for the seller. The deadline is based on the time of payment of the total price by the buyer. If this deadline is not met for more than 3 working days, the buyer is then entitled to withdraw from the contract. In case of withdrawal from the contract due to non-compliance with the deadline, the seller shall fully refund the price to the buyer. However, the seller is not liable for any other damages incurred by the buyer in the event of non-compliance with the deadline. If the deadline is exceeded by less than 3 days, the buyer has the right to claim a 30 % discount on the order price.

VII. Withdrawal from the contract on the buyer’s behalf

In case of withdrawal from the contract the seller is obliged to refund the price as is stated in § 458(1) of the Commercial Code – in practise this is done by compensation for the purchase price. The buyer then has the purchase price returned.

The buyer is entitled to withdraw from contract for following reasons:

  • The goods haven’t been delivered.
  • Delivered good do not match the order and even after notification on the e-mail address orders@part2print.eu correction has not been made due to 3 working days.
  • The goods have been damaged and have not been repaired due to 3 working days after e-mail notification sent on orders@part2print.com.
  • The goods do not match the stated quality and the repair has not been done due to 5 working days after notification sent on orders@part2print.com.
  • The goods have not been made within the time limit and exceeding of the time limit is longer than 3 working days.
  • The stated change of price of the goods is not accepted by the buyer.

If the conditions for withdrawal from the contract have been met, the buyer is entitled to get a refund. The refund shall be pain in the same way as the seller received the relevant amount from the buyer.

VIII. Withdrawal from the contract on the seller’s behalf

The seller is entitled to withdraw from the contract for following reasons:

  • After placing the order, the buyer requests a significant change of requirements regarding the order (parameters, methods etc.) – in such case though the buyer is obliged to cover all the expenses already incurred from the original order or the expenses from the commitments incurred from the original contract regardless of whether the seller withdraws from contract or decides to modify the order.
  • The seller is not able to meet the requirements of the buyer.
  • The buyer does not agree with the new pricing of the product.
  • In case of an obvious technical error in pricing – the seller shall inform the buyer in such case due to 7 days.
  • In case of technical problems on behalf of the seller (defects, lack of material and other problems which would cause the change of the price of order or of other parameters).

The seller is not obliged to pay for the costs incurred due to not delivering the goods, if the seller informs the buyer about technical problems due to 7 days from its originating.

IX. Warranty

If the Buyer does not express any objections to the goods delivered by the Seller within 7 days, such goods shall be deemed to have been agreed on. In case other properties are not stated in the order, the delivered goods and goods that have been agreed on do not have a warranty due to the fact that its purpose is to be destroyed in further manufacturing process.

The warranty for the declared characteristics of the goods includes (among others) e.g.: product burnability, heat resistance, dimensional accuracy, etc. If any of such properties are not met, the buyer has the right to claim the goods. In such a case, the buyer shall inform the seller at the e-mail address info@part2print.cz. In the subject line of the e-mail, he/she shall indicate “COMPLAINT” and the identification of the project (name, number, etc.). The complaint is subsequently resolved by a discount, refund or delivery of a new product of the corresponding quality. The buyer also has the right to withdraw from the contract in this case according to the provisions of Article VII of these Terms and Conditions.

X. Final provisions

These Terms and conditions enter into force as of January 1, 2021 and supersede all previous terms and practices. The seller has the right to change them without prior notice.

Issued 1.1.2021

These Terms and conditions are established in accordance with Act No. 40/1964 of the Civil Code as supplemented by Act No. 136/2002 of the Collection and Act No. 320/2002 of the Collection, as well as Act No. 634/1992.

Terms and Conditions